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At Strasburger Orthopaedics, we are consistently seeking out new and leading edge alternative therapies to complement our surgical and non-surgical procedures. These therapies can be used alone or as part of a complete treatment or recovery plan.

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma has years of scientific research backing its ability to speed healing and reduce pain. PRP injections are safe and effective, using your body’s own natural healing cells to improve regeneration of tissues and ease discomfort.

PRP is a simple, outpatient treatment that only takes a few minutes. Dr. Strasburger simply collects a vial of blood normally, uses a centrifuge to separate the powerful platelets, and reinjects the concentrated platelet rich plasma into the area requiring attention.

Common injections sites for PRP are the site of an old or new injury, around a damaged joint, or around a surgical site. Platelet Rich Plasma can shorten your healing time and decrease pain significantly.


Strasburger Orthopaedics is also now offering iovera° treatment for pain management for acute knee injuries, and as a pre-surgical option to manage post-operative pain using cold therapy. The iovera° system has been studied in clinical trials and is FDA cleared to block pain in peripheral nerves.

The iovera° treatment is based upon the well-established science of cryotherapy and uses the body’s natural response to cold to immediately reduce pain. It precisely targets pain-signaling nerves to provide immediate relief, which lasts until the affected nerves regenerate.

Dr. Strasburger can use iovera° for patients in pain whose knee injuries qualify for minimally invasive treatments, or before minor or major knee surgery to provide preemptive pain relief that will last through the surgery and for several weeks afterwards.

Patients who receive iovera° treatment are urged to take the same precautions against overuse and reinjury, and to allow their body time to recover and for the pain block to subside before stressing the knee in question.


Strasburger Orthopaedics is proud to offer NAVIO, a robotics-assisted total knee replacement procedure. Dr. Strasburger is the first physician in Lincoln, Nebraska who is qualified to perform this cutting-edge technique.

The NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system provides assistance in implanting the JOURNEY™ II XR., a bi-cruciate retaining total knee system which allows retention of the ACL. This procedure helps to reproduce the original internal shapes and forces of a natural knee, increasing the likelihood of full range of motion after surgery.

In addition, the NAVIO robotics-assisted system does not require a preoperative image, such as a CT scan. This allows our patients to receive the benefits of robotics assisted surgery without the extra steps, costs, and radiation associated with additional preoperative imaging.

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