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  • Check out Huskers Radio 30 minutes before each Husker Football game every week and hear Dr. Strasburger discuss various sports injuries and conditions with Matt Davidson and Greg Sharpe!
  • Great time at the Make-A-Wish Big Red Dinner that was held Thursday, June 5, 2014 at The Cornhusker.  Tim Miles was the keynote speaker and there to promote the cause as well.

BigRedDinner_Stras_Miles stras giving gift to lolo

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  • Excited to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Big Red Dinner that will be held June 5, 2014.

   Makeawish check presentation

  • What an inspiration and privilege to be part of the Team Jack Foundation Gala.  Overwhelming support of pediatric brain cancer and the  Hoffmans.


  • Did you catch our article in L Magazine?  Bone spurs no longer keeping Brandy Johnson from half marathons…
  • Pleased to announce Strasburger Orthopaedics will be the Dynasty Sponsor of the 1st Annual Team Jack Foundation Gala! The Gala will be held March 8, 2014. Learn more or sign up to participate at the Foundation’s website.
  • Strasburger Orthopaedics – Opening February 3, 2014!
  • Strasburger Orthopaedics to sponsor Shari Pittenger, fitness competitor!
  • Proud to announce our sponsorship of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Victory Champion and Dancing with the Omaha Stars participant, Ryan Roberts!Ryan Roberts photo

Read a few stories about Ryan’s latest events:

Roberts next fight March 15, 2014 at Ralston Arena. Bebee vs Roberts to battle it out for VFC Featherweight Belt!

Roberts Wins Fight, Raises Money For Family

Roberts Talks VFC and Dancing with Omaha Stars

Staying Focused in the Face of Tragedy


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