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What to Expect as a New Patient at Strasburger Orthopaedics
Once you’ve scheduled an appointment at Strasburger Orthopaedics through our online form, we’ll call you to confirm. From there, you
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Five Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend
We all know how Thanksgiving weekend goes. Besides the obligatory turkey feast (and the tryptophan-induced nap afterwards), there’s bound to
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Holiday Special: $8.50 Per Unit Botox (35% OFF)
Holiday Special: $8.50/Unit Botox (by Appointment Only) Schedule your spruce-up before heading home for the holidays! Everyone wants to look
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How to Mitigate the Effect of Extra Weight on Aging Joints
As you age, you may start experiencing issues in your knee joints. In a healthy joint, smooth tissue called cartilage
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ACL Surgery Provides a Comeback Option for NFL Players
One of the most common injuries suffered by NFL players is an ACL tear, which usually requires surgery to repair.
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What is Runner’s Knee?
Runner’s knee is often used as an umbrella term for aches and pains in the knee common among runners, joggers,
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Three Things to Consider Before Starting Your Child in Youth Football
Before enrolling your child in youth football, there are some questions you may want to ask to ensure you make
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What is Tommy John Surgery?
Tommy John surgery is a procedure performed on the elbow, when the medial side ulnar collateral ligament is partially or
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9 Tips for Last Minute Marathon Training
Have you decided to run a marathon – but it’s only a few weeks away? Here are some tips to
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