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4 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside and Active This Spring

It’s been a long winter, on the heels of a long year of disruption and absence of routine! Kids are excited to be able to return to outdoor activities. As spring fever sets in, here’s how you can channel all that energy into positive pathways.

It’s important for today’s youth to stay active, especially after being cooped up and out of school for extended periods. Spring sports are a way to safely enjoy exercise and burn off steam. Young joints can become more flexible with regular exercise, while muscles form and strengthen under a regimen of regular exercise.

The mental benefits of sports and athletics are just as important as the physical ones. Whether your child loves being part of a team effort, or prefers to compete against themselves, here are four ways to get your youngster out and moving in the fresh air this spring.

1. Play ball!

Baseball and softball can be the perfect outdoor activity for your young athletes. It’s the ideal team sport, and delivers a terrific aerobic workout while fine tuning that hand-eye coordination they’ve been building playing video games all winter. Check into Little League options near you for a premium experience. Lincoln has Babe Ruth Little League for grade 3-8, and Nebraska Legion Baseball for high schoolers.


Soccer is another great team sport, and can be perfect for younger kids who don’t yet have the skills needed to manage a bat and glove. There’s nothing quite like watching your child build friendships and learn to think fast on their feet in the soccer field as they drive towards the net amid cheers of encouragement!

3. Face-off

Lacrosse is a fast growing sport with opportunities for kids in Lincoln and surrounding areas for 2021. Like Little League, lacrosse relies heavily on hand-eye coordination and teamwork, which demands the same fast footwork as soccer. 

4. Track and field

The fleet-footed introvert among your brood may find fulfillment in running sprints or going for long distance over cross country terrain. Running builds discipline, muscles, and a sense of self worth, as miles melt away under running shoes and endorphins provide an immediate reward.  

Don’t forget to teach sports safety! Make sure your child:

  • Committedly warms up, stretches, and cools down
  • Wears the correct safety gear and footwear at all times
  • Stays hydrated and wears sunblock even on cooler or cloudy days
  • Talks to you if they experience pain or have a concern

Is your child ready to jump headfirst into spring sports? They might need a physical first. Contact Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics for a consultation today.

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