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Billing & Insurance Information

Billing & Insurance Information

Payment for office services is expected at the time of each visit if you do not have insurance. An itemization of your charges will be given to you each time you are seen in our office. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you have insurance coverage we will file your claim for you.

Our insurance department can be reached directly at (402) 466-0100 and will assist you in any way possible. If you have any questions regarding a claim that has been filed, please contact the insurance department.

We participate with Medicare and we will file your claims with them and with one supplemental carrier for all services rendered.

Insurance Plans
We participate with most major health insurance plans. If your coverage is with one of the HMO’s and PPO’s with which we participate, we will file your insurance claim. Any co-payment amount must be paid at the time you are seen. Please bring any required referral forms with you or you will be responsible for your charges that day. A statement will be sent for any balance due, and your prompt payment will be appreciated.

Even though patients have insurance and benefits are payable, the insurance contract is between the patient and the insurance company; therefore, the prompt payment of our fees remains the personal responsibility of the patient.

If you are unable to pay your account in full on receipt of your statement, we ask that regular monthly payments of at least $50.00 or 10% of the balance commence following receipt of the first statement. Accounts are considered delinquent 60 days following the date of service.