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Strasburger Orthopaedics and Syracuse Area Health – the Perfect Partnership

Announcing our rebrand to Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics

We are so excited to become part of the Syracuse Area Health network and announce our new brand name, Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics. As a pillar of the Southeast Nebraska health community, we have always focused on providing excellent, personalized health care in a family friendly setting. 

By joining with Syracuse Area Health, we have the opportunity to continue providing the same level of care on a familiar, small scale when it comes to the feel of our office, while at the same time expanding our capabilities and gaining the vast wealth of resources which Syracuse Area Health offers to our patients. Together, we aim to become a primary destination for community and regional health information.

Our practice’s mission has always been to provide mobility in motion, helping patients achieve their goals in maximum comfort with optimal end results. We focus on a conservative, holistic model of health care, supplemented by the latest in functional and regenerative medicine. Dr. Strasburger is also a highly effective surgeon, performing both minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries as well as technologically advanced surgical procedures.


Our services cover a wide range of joint care, with a concentration on shoulder, hip, elbow, and knee injuries. Dr. Scott was the first in the Lincoln area to train with the groundbreaking CORI◊ robotics-assisted surgical system for knee replacement surgery, and remains one of the few in Nebraska offering this option to qualified candidates. He also performs routine arthroscopy for repetitive use injuries to joints.


For pain-relief, iovera° is almost unmatched. This revolutionary new option targets the nerve responsible for sending pain signals to the brain, and temporarily deadens it with precisely delivered pulses of cold therapy. This can help “freeze” away the pain for a month or more, making it an ideal treatment for acute injuries or as a pre-surgical pain mitigation option.


Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is another leading-edge procedure offered by Dr. Scott Strasburger to patients who need a boost to their body’s natural healing system, or a dose of effective pain relief after an injury or surgical procedure. Your own blood is drawn, centrifuged to concentrate platelets and growth factors, and injected into the site of your injury or pain. We are proud to service Southeast Nebraska with quality orthopaedic care. If you have any questions, please contact us at (402) 466-0100 or visit us at

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