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Dr. Scott Strasburger to Present NAVIO Seminar at Syracuse Area Health on February 7

Dr. Scott Strasburger is the only surgeon in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area who has trained with NAVIO, a groundbreaking new robotics system designed to assist during complex partial and full knee replacement surgeries. On February 7th, Dr. Strasburger will be presenting at Syracuse Area Health to discuss the treatment and its ramifications for knee surgery patients.

Traditional surgical methods are technically very challenging, requiring precise positioning of tools throughout the surgery and the implant placement process. The accuracy of the placement procedure affects the ultimate outcome – in other words, the mobility the patient has after the surgery. The NAVIO system works in conjunction with a skilled surgeon to precisely position the knee implant based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

During each surgery, Dr. Strasburger receives constant updates delivered from the NAVIO system to the robotics-assisted handpiece used throughout the procedure. The real time patient-specific data provided allows the damaged surfaces of the knee to be precisely removed without damaging adjacent bone or tissue, and helps to position the implant with extreme precision for better joint balance and increased mobility.

The advanced surgical technique that NAVIO robotic assistance provides lets us deliver a higher level of accuracy and precision, since the knee joint can be fully mapped in advance and the entire surgical plan created based on extremely precise data.

Dr. Strasburger is committed to the goal of giving patients their lives back. NAVIO allows this goal to be achieved with less post-surgical discomfort, a more normal feeling knee joint, and a faster rehabilitation than was formerly available through traditional surgical procedures.

This free Navio seminar will be held Thursday, February 07, 2019 from 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. at the Syracuse Area Health Main Lobby, located at 2731 Healthcare Drive, Syracuse, NE 68446. Dr. Strasburger will give a short presentation and be available to answer questions about the NAVIO system. A light meal will be provided. Seating is limited, RSVP at


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Individual results may vary.

Not all patients are candidates for the JOURNEY II XR Knee Implant or the NAVIO Surgical System. Discuss your condition and implant options with your surgeon. Individual results of joint replacement vary. Implants are intended to relieve knee pain and improve function, but may not produce the same feel or function as your original knee. There are potential risks with knee replacement surgery such as loosening, wear and infection that may result in the need for additional surgery. Patients should not perform high impact activities such as running and jumping unless their surgeon tells them that the bone has healed and these activities are acceptable. Early device failure, breakage or loosening may occur if a surgeon’s limitations on activity level are not followed. Children, pregnant women, patients who have mental or neuromuscular disorders that do not allow control of the knee joint, and morbidly obese patients should not undergo a NAVIO procedure. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Consult your physician for details to determine if one of these technologies is right for you.