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Five Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend

We all know how Thanksgiving weekend goes. Besides the obligatory turkey feast (and the tryptophan-induced nap afterwards), there’s bound to be delicious treats, some icy beverages, and some horseplay involved. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest in ERs across the country, thanks to activities that aren’t quite appropriate past a certain age, unless you’re a professional athlete!

These five tips can help you have a happy, healthy, safe holiday weekend.

Leave tackle football for the youngsters.

It may be tempting to try and relive your glory days on a high school or college team, but aging joints can take a beating when trying to keep up with younger, fitter players on the field.  Enjoy watching from the sidelines, and helping to referee, unless you’re absolutely sure your ACL can survive having your legs taken out from under you by a charging 22-year-old. If you’re over 40, you’ve got nothing to prove!

Remind the kids to be careful.

Kids get excited to see grandparents on the holidays, but an over-enthusiastic hug can topple grandma, and begging for piggyback ride from grandpa can put his hip or shoulder out. Make sure there are things kids can do with the grands that won’t compromise their health, like settling down with a good book to show off their reading skills or helping roll out cookie dough in the kitchen.

Delegate home repair.

Seeing that limb hanging close to the roof of the house or ankle deep leaves on the lawn may inspire some good old DIY yard cleanup, but overhead reaching or repeated arm extension from raking can strain aging shoulder joints. Senior members of the family can take on the supervisory role and direct the younger crowd in the proper way to do things.

Get help to reach high shelves.

That fancy china or the bread-maker you only use once a year may be stored in inaccessible nooks at the top of a closet or pantry. Don’t try to reach something by straining your shoulders and back; instead, use a small stool or stepladder to retrieve those high up items.

Secure a good place to sleep.

Sleeping on an unfamiliar bed can be bad enough, but a pull out sofa or air mattress on the floor can be even harder on protesting joints. If there is crowding, consider booking a hotel room so you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up without joint or back pain.

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