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Five Ways to Speed Recovery After Joint Surgery

Joint surgery can be minimally invasive, like an arthroscopic procedure to relieve arthritis or repair an ACL, or more intrusive, like a complete knee replacement or elbow surgery to repair damaged ligaments or tendons. In some cases, the recovery may happen fairly quickly. In others, recovery can be a long, slow climb back to former mobility.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help minimize pain, speed healing, and increase mobility after joint surgery. These supplemental treatments, therapies, and tools can make all the difference after your joint surgery.


The iovera° system has been studied in clinical trials and is FDA cleared to block pain in peripheral nerves. This treatment was developed following the guidance of the well-established science of cryotherapy, using the body’s natural response to cold for immediate and long lasting pain reduction. The iovera° cold therapy treatment has been successfully used as a pre-surgical option for the management of postoperative pain. A simple injection before a surgery precisely targets pain-signaling nerves. This leads to a cessation of pain until the nerves regenerate, which spans several weeks.  

Navio Surgical System

The NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system provides guidance during total knee replacement, and allows retention of the ACL. This increases the likelihood of full range of motion after surgery, and can also support faster healing after surgery. Dr. Strasburger is one of the few surgeons in Nebraska offering this surgical technique.

PRP Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma is also backed by scientific research. PRP is a simple in-office procedure that involves taking a small blood draw, centrifuging the vial to concentrate the healing platelets, and injecting this powerful plasma at the source of the pain. PRP injections are safe, and use your body’s own natural healing cells to lessen discomfort and speed recovery after a joint surgery. Since it’s your own blood, the chances of an adverse reaction to such an injection are almost zero.

Aryse Braces

Proper support and stability can make all the difference when recovering from a joint surgery. An Aryse brace can keep a healing joint immobilized, provide for end of range motion, or even deliver controlled movement on a continual loop to exercise a healing joint safely. Ask Dr. Strasburger about which Aryse brace could be right for your recovery.

You can learn more about supplemental therapies on the Strasburger Orthopaedics website.