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History of Botox® For Facial Rejuvenation

History of Botox® For Facial Rejuvenation

Botox® is one of the most studied, most tested, and most trusted cosmetic treatments available. Its history is long and distinguished, and it’s used across the medical industry for both medical and aesthetic purposes. Now, you can get professionally administered Botox Cosmetic® at the Strasburger office.

What is Botox®?

Botox® was developed in the 1970’s by a San Francisco doctor who was searching for ways to correct “lazy eye”, or strabismus. He discovered that a purified form of a toxin once commonly produced by bacteria in improperly processed food was able to temporarily affect muscles of the face, helping them relax. He used this knowledge to target muscles that pulled an eye to the side, allowing other muscles to take over and correct the field of vision.

By 1987, a small drug company called Allergan was marketing Botox® for both strabismus and uncontrollable blinking or eye twitches. It was soon used as well for stroke patients to reduce stiffness and tremors, and for patients with cervical issues causing pain and muscle contractions in the neck and shoulders. Today, Botox® continues to be used as a trusted medical treatment for a variety of conditions, most recently being approved for use in treating persistent migraines.

How did Botox® Become Popular for Cosmetic Reasons?

In the mid 1990’s, ophthalmologists and dermatologists in the U.S. and Canada discovered exciting cosmetic side effects when Botox® was injected in the facial muscles. In addition to the medical benefits, they saw a significant reduction of forehead wrinkles, facial creases, and crow’s feet. This spurred yet more exhaustive testing and Botox Cosmetic® was approved by the FDA in 2002.

The use of Botox Cosmetic® treatments to relax wrinkles and frown lines on the forehead and around the eyes is now one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States, Europe, and many other countries. Each treatment can last up to several months, and when the injections are performed by qualified, trained professionals using official Botox®, the procedure has been deemed one of the safest cosmetic treatments in existence.

Interested in safe, effective Botox Cosmetic® treatment for your forehead lines and facial wrinkles? Call our office and ask for a consultation today.