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Holiday Special: $8.50 Per Unit Botox (35% OFF)

Holiday Special: $8.50/Unit Botox (by Appointment Only)

Schedule your spruce-up before heading home for the holidays!

Everyone wants to look their best for the holiday season. Long days, travel, and family gatherings can make you feel a little overwhelmed, but your face can look young and fresh with a quick Botox treatment at the Strasburger Clinic.

This year, we’re planning a special holiday event and offering Botox for just $8.50 per unit (35% off) with no appointment fee! We offer Botox for crow’s feet and frown lines between the brows.

We’ll be open from 9am – 7pm on Wednesday, November 28th for this event, and are now booking appointments for these $8.50/unit Botox treatments. Call today to schedule your spot – we anticipate slots to fill up quickly!

(Due to space constraints, we request that this be a child-free event. Thank you!)