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How NAVIO Works for Total and Partial Knee Replacements

Dr. Strasburger is the first orthopaedic surgeon in Nebraska trained to utilize the NAVIO Surgical System to treat patients who require a total or partial knee replacement. This robotics-assisted navigation technology allows patients who undergo knee replacement to have shorter recovery times, less pain during recovery, and to regain a fuller rage of motion after surgery.

What is NAVIO?
NAVIO Robotics is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons can perform knee replacements. This state-of-the-art robotics-assisted technology is designed to work in tandem with a skilled surgeon to achieve precise positioning of the knee implant. With NAVIO, the entire process is streamlined and improved from evaluation to recovery.

How does NAVIO work?
Instead of a time-consuming and radiation-intensive preoperative CT scan being scheduled, the NAVIO system requires only a simple x-ray to collect anatomical data to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee. Then the advanced planning software creates a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s anatomy and robotics assistance helps the surgeon align the implant and balance the knee.

Why use NAVIO?
The use of robotics allows extremely precise bone preparation and implant positioning, accurate bone resurfacing and implant placement, customized patient specific planning with virtual implant positioning, and greater consistency than is possible with traditional knee replacement methods.


Who can benefit from NAVIO?

Patients expecting to undergo full or partial knee replacement can count on Dr. Strasburger and NAVIO to provide:

  • A less invasive surgical site to minimize pain and speed recovery
  • Quicker rehabilitation and a lower risk of complications
  • A faster return to an active lifestyle, with a more normal range of knee motion

If a knee replacement is in your future, ask Dr. Strasburger about NAVIO today. This leading edge robotics assistance system is revolutionizing knee replacement surgery and improving outcomes for those seeking to return to an active lifestyle post-treatment.