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LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (June 11, 2018) – ABC Channel 8 KLKN-TV reporter Zach Worthington:

A new medical treatment is relieving pain with an old trick… Exposure to cold. A Lincoln orthopedic surgeon has begun offering the new Iovera treatment within the last few weeks. He says it’s a major breakthrough in medicine.

Julia Couch is preparing for reconstructive knee surgery later this week. In 2011 she had a life threatening injury.

“I was 16 and got into a car accident. Flew out of the wind shield, and got life flighted to Creighton and no one really wanted to operate.”

Before her surgery, Doctor Scott Strasburger recommended she try a new treatment called Iovera°. It uses the body’s natural response to cold to relieve pain.

Targeting pain–signaling nerves to provide immediate relief, which lasts up to 2–6 months after surgery. Julia underwent the Iovera° treatment and immediately noticed a reduction in pain.

“I feel great. I feel fine. Walking in here it was uncomfortable, it kind of clicks and pops which, if it still does I don’t feel it. It’s great. It’s nice to be pain free,” said Couch.

Doctor Strasburger is hopeful the procedure can eliminate the dependence on opioids.

“With all the issues with narcotic pain medication this is a very important change in medicine in how we’re going to control pain post surgery. This is a technique that will change how we practice medicine,” said Dr. Strasburger.

Iovera has been FDA approved to reduce pain. Most patients who need it are older, suffering from arthritis and having difficulty walking.

“We’ve had patients with arthritis that will come in rating their pain an 8 or 9 or a 10 walking in with a significant limp and they walk out of here pain free with no limp,” said Dr. Strasburger.

Iovera° is applicable to all age groups and a variety of ailments.Medical experts say it will speed up progression through physical therapy and decrease recovery time post surgery.

“So far so good, I am really hoping that after this I’ll be pain free and won’t have to be on any more narcotics,” said Couch.

If you would like to find out if Iovera° is right for you, contact Strasburger Orthopedics today!

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