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Is NAVIO Right For Your Upcoming Full Knee Replacement Surgery?

If a full knee replacement is in your future, it might be time to talk to an orthopaedic surgeon about NAVIO. The NAVIO Surgical System is a robotics-assisted navigation technology designed to make both full and partial knee replacement a quicker, more accurate process with a faster, less painful recovery and ultimately a wider range of motion for knee surgery patients.

NAVIO provides skilled surgeons with state-of-the-art, robotics-assisted technology that can help them achieve utmost precision when positioning and placing a knee implant. Instead of requiring a radiation-intensive, time consuming and uncomfortable preoperative CT scan of the knee before the surgery, the NAVIO system can analyze a simple x-ray to collect data about the specific patient’s knee anatomy.

This data is processed by the NAVIO system’s advanced planning software to create a customized surgical plan. This plan is then utilized during the procedure to direct the surgeon on the best alignment for implant placement. The result is improved balance of the knee joint and heightened function of the knee.

The use of this leading edge robotics technology gives surgeons the tools they need for extremely precise bone preparation, including accurate bone resurfacing. The virtual implant positioning software allows extremely precise placement of the implant in the correct position for maximum range of motion.

This customized, patient-specific planning delivers higher quality results with greater consistency than what is possible with traditional knee replacement methods. The surgical site becomes less invasive, since the system helps the surgeon “see” the inside of the joint.

The pain after surgery is minimized thanks to this less invasive process, and recovery is swifter. Rehabilitation can be started earlier and completed more quickly, with lower risk of complications. This means patient can return to their normal activities and lifestyle in short order, with a more familiar range of knee motion, strength in the knee joint, and pain-free movement.

If you are anticipating a full knee replacement, ask Dr. Strasburger about NAVIO. This revolutionary robotics assistance system is improving knee replacement surgery and outcomes for those who wish to maintain or return to an active lifestyle. Dr. Strasburger is the only orthopaedic surgeon in Lincoln, Nebraska trained in the use of the NAVIO system, and will be presenting a free seminar at the Syracuse Area Health (located at 2731 Healthcare Drive, Syracuse, NE 68446) on February 7th from 6:00-7:30 PM with a light meal provided for those who would like to learn more. Seating is limited, RSVP today at