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Is Your Little Leaguer Longing to Get Back to Bat? 5 Tips for 2021 Season Preparation

A return to baseball practice is eagerly awaited by those disappointed in an absent or severely truncated 2020 season. For youthful baseball players, getting back on the field is a top priority. As a parent, your top priority is their safety!

We’re a long way from 2019’s back to school and sport season advice. Social distancing shut the door on team get-togethers over the past few months, and your child may not have had as productive an off-season training routine as usual. As it stretched on into next year, here are some tips for getting ready for the 2021 season when it gears up next spring!

1. Remember, the game is more important than awards

While your child may feel discouraged at the idea of a shortened season of play and no championship games, they can still hone their skills and enjoy the baseball season. In fact, times like these can renew true love for the game itself! Stay positive as you embrace new ways of doing things.

2. Make sure their protective gear fits

Baseball isn’t supposed to be a contact sport, but a hard line drive, a ball thrown too close to center-plate, or a slide to safety at home can cause injury, and injuries are worse when protective gear is ill-fitting.

3. Check in with their support system

A good team has a good support staff, from the coaches to any teacher or community leaders to the medical team. Dr. Strasburger has a strong commitment to young athletes and will be helping many local teams keep child players safe.

4.  Encourage your child to take ownership of their health

Make sure your kids know about the dangers of dehydration, how to identify the signs of heat stroke, and when pain shouldn’t be ignored. Make a checklist for warm up and cool down routines, and find out who is tracking pitch counts and other repetitive actions, so they don’t overdo.

5. Don’t forget their sports medical care  

Strasburger Orthopaedics is a safe place to get your family appropriate sports medical care and that includes adolescent and teen athletes. Dr. Strasburger provides care for both individual baseball players and entire teams, including attentive orthopaedic support throughout the season in case of any injury. 

Ready to watch your kid playing for the love of the game? Contact Strasburger Orthopaedics with any orthopaedic questions about your child’s involvement with youth baseball.

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