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Local Healthcare Network Gets Involved in Community Baseball Leagues

Spring has come, and a local hospital network’s orthopedics and sports medicine department is supporting kids as a sponsor for multiple baseball teams. 

Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics has committed to backing a total of four teams in the upcoming baseball season, citing a need for kids trapped indoors during the “long winter of COVID-19” to have a safe outlet for exercise, teambuilding, and socialization.

“We’ve been sheltering in place for over a year now,” says orthopaedic surgeon Scott Strasburger, MD, who had a career in local Nebraska sports himself as a Husker before pursuing the profession of sports medicine. “Kids need to get out of the house and be active this spring and summer, and Little League provides a way to do that safely while taking appropriate precautions.”

Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics will be participating as a sponsor of three different teams across three divisions in the Babe Ruth League. This is a more traditional Little League that includes younger children ranging from grades 3-8. 

“Younger kids have really been suffering from being indoors and isolated during the pandemic,” Dr. Strasburger comments.”This is the age when they need to be building relationships with their bodies, with their peers, and with the structure and rules of life. Little League provides the perfect environment to support all of these things. I’m extremely proud to sponsor these kids and help them achieve their goals.”

Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics will also be sponsoring Lincoln High School’s “Nebraska Legion Baseball” team. This is a competitive, travel high-school league that had to cancel post-season tournaments last year.

“These high-school kids have sacrificed so much over the past year, and I’m looking forward to seeing them participate in the game. It’s a really great opportunity and I’m glad we are able to give back to the community,” adds Dr. Strasburger.

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