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Meet Martika – Our Newest Athletic Trainer!

Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics is proud to welcome the newest addition to our athletic training team, Martika Baratta, MS, LAT, ATC. With 8 years of athletic training experience, Martika brings a unique combination of skills and perspective to the practice. We are excited to leverage her expertise to provide expanded care to young athletes in the Elwood-Murdock and Weeping Water school districts.

Martika’s Background in Athletic Training

Martika earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of Nebraska, and her Master’s in Sports Administration from Texas A&M. Martika has worked as an athletic trainer in multiple settings including public schools, hospitals, and clinics. With a priority on injury prevention education and providing services and referrals for those athletes who need care, Martika couldn’t be a better fit for the practice. 

The Value of a Certified Athletic Trainer

The value of having a certified athletic trainer on-hand to monitor athletes, treat injuries in real-time, and provide essential injury prevention education is immeasurable. With common high school sports injuries such as bone breaks, muscle strains, dehydration, and especially concussions– time (and proper care) is of the essence. An on-site athletic trainer enhances the overall safety and health of athletes, coaches, staff, and spectators; ensuring that athletes receive proper medical attention immediately following an injury or illness. 

In addition to providing emergency care during games and practices, certified athletic trainers are also valuable resources for preventative measures such as educating athletes about proper nutrition and hydration strategies, monitoring athletes’ conditioning levels throughout the season, creating emergency action plans, and providing strategies to help reduce the risk of injury. 

Here at Syracuse Area Health – Strasburger Orthopaedics, we know the value a certified athletic trainer brings, which is why we are excited to be expanding our team of experts with the addition of Martika Baratta.
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