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NAVIO Robotics-Assisted Surgical System

Introducing NAVIO

NAVIO is a robotics-assisted total knee replacement surgical system. Dr. Strasburger was the first physician in Lincoln, Nebraska who is qualified to perform knee replacement surgery using this advanced technique

Introducing NAVIO
The NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system provides assistance in implanting the JOURNEY™ II XR., which is a bi-cruciate retaining total knee replacement which allows retention of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

NAVIO benefits
The NAVIO procedure helps to reproduce the original internal shapes and forces of a natural knee, by creating a computerized, three-dimensional model of your knee in advance of the surgery, then guiding ultra-precise movements during the knee replacement procedure.

Utilization of the NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system allows for:
Complete doctor control over the procedure
Accurate placement of the JOURNEY™ II XR
Retention of the ACL
Less time spent in the surgical suite
Faster healing after surgery
Increased likelihood of full range of motion after recovery

NAVIO knee replacement patients also don’t require a preoperative image, such as a CT scan. This eliminates the extra steps, costs, and radiation exposure associated with imaging required before traditional knee replacement surgery.

Who is a good candidate for NAVIO robotics-assisted surgery?
Candidates for NAVIO include patients with damage to multiple inner compartments of the knee, who wish to retain their ACL. Both men and women can benefit from NAVIO assisted knee replacement. NAVIO is not recommended for children, persons who are morbidly obese, or patients who are not in good enough health to undergo anesthesia safely.

What to expect after your NAVIO robotics-assisted procedure
After your total knee replacement, you’ll typically only have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Physical therapy can begin immediately, and with appropriate rehab, range of motion can be restored and pain relief achieved.

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