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New Year, New You: The Path to Better Health and Mobility in 2021

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for falling by the wayside in weeks if not days. Resolutions built on the ideas of denial and exertion often fail, but you can gain better health and mobility in 2021 simply by starting to build new habits.

Be Active

Instead of joining a gym or starting gruelling exercise routine, simply commit to being more active and try to see what that looks like in your life. Maybe it’s walking to a nearby store every day instead of driving. Maybe it’s taking the stairs at work. Maybe it’s doing floor exercises while enjoying a podcast, or riding an exercise bike at a reasonable speed while bingeing netflix. Find ways to reward yourself for activity. 


You don’t have to completely redo your home, but consider making changes that make it easier for you to use your home. Install grip bars in the bathroom to aid in getting in and out of the tub. Add solar powered light tape to outdoor stairs so you don’t miss a step after dark. You can even simply organize your kitchen and hall closet tso most-used items are within easy reach, eliminating crouching or reaching.


It’s been proven that social activity can be just as beneficial to your health as physical activity. It can be hard when you’re stuck at home, but don’t forget that this is the age of the internet. Get on a Zoom call to talk to loved ones and friends. You can do an exercise routine with a group of friends in a virtual meeting, or have fun during a birthday party where you all attend via Facebook Live.

Eat Well

A crash diet is the surest way to a failed resolution. Instead, make a resolution to try three new recipes a week, each using at least one ingredient that is new to you. Focus on non-inflammatory, heart and bone-healthy foods like fresh veggies and fruits, fish, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. You don’t have to make radical shifts all at once, just change a few meals a week until you are up to a healthy meal every day from the healthy recipes you identify as favorites. Then you can replace another meal, then a snack, and before you know it you’ll be loving your new nutritional plan. 

Following these simple tips can help make 2021 a year of health and mobility. If you need help with your wellness plan, contact our office or book an orthopaedic appointment with Dr. Scott Strasburger today by calling 402-466-0100.

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