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Patient Spotlight: Don B.

Don’s knees were worn out from 15 years of officiating high school football. The Firth, Nebraska, Harley rider knew it was probably time for a total replacement, but wanted to finish out the 2017 football season. When Don’s joint pain kept getting worse, he knew who to call.


“I knew about Strasburger Orthopedics from friends, and Dr. Scott had done my wife’s successful shoulder surgery the year before,” Don says. “I met with him, and he was very understanding of my desire to finish out officiating the 2017 football season. We sat down and came up with a plan that enabled me to continue through the playoffs.”


Dr. Strasburger recommended cryoneurolysis, which is a treatment that delivers a focused cold treatment to block a specific nerve or set of nerves from delivering pain signals to the brain. After an in-office treatment with iovera°, Don’s pain literally disappeared.


“We did the treatment, and I was pain free for a few months! I was convinced that I was cured, but Dr. Scott assured me this was not the case. As with any major surgery there is always some hesitation / reservation, but we went ahead with the knee replacement in late spring of 2018.”


Dan says that although rehab was tough, he’s certain that cryoanalgesia treatment also helped with the pain after surgery and during rehab. “Dr. Scott and his staff were very supportive throughout, and all is well now. I was able to get back on the Harley before the summer was over (my main rehab goal) and have not looked back!”


Don says his experience with Strasburger Orthopaedics was an excellent one. “Dr. Scott and his staff were an excellent group to work with. They are great, caring people, and professionals in every sense of the word. While I pray that I never have reason to go see him again (nothing personal!) … I would not hesitate to go Dr. Scott for any joint pain needs, nor would I hesitate to recommend Strasburger Orthopedics to friends or family.”