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Prevent Common Injuries This Summer!

The summer months are upon us, and it’s the perfect time to get back into enjoying the activities we love most. However, after a long period of inactivity. It’s easy to overdo, get too enthusiastic, and end up injuring yourself. Here’s a guide to avoid landing in the ER due to misjudging your level of fitness!

Wondering what common summer sports injuries to watch out for? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common injuries, and what activities can cause them:

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are number one when it comes to common sports injuries in America. Your knee joints take all of the punishment when you engage in activities with harsh movement such as:

·       Sprinting across a field

·       Pumping the pedals on a bike going uphill

·       Squatting to do a big lift in the weight room

·       Sliding into home plate

·       Pivoting hard on the soccer field

Your kneecap can get banged up, or your ligaments supporting your knee can tear. Wearing proper gear and shoes, stretching well, and warming up and down can help you keep your knees in good shape.

Shoulder Injuries

Plenty of shoulder injuries show up in the summer months as well. You can easily dislocate your shoulder in an impact sport or a fall, and repeated dislocations can result in impingement and difficulty with range of motion. Misalignments and muscle strains can result from playing:

·       Baseball

·       Beach volleyball

·       Basketball

Ease back into your favorite sport or exercise after any period of time spent less mobile and active. Take it slow and rehab your body until you’re ready for a full day of fun.

Elbow Injuries

Individuals struggling with elbow injuries are extremely common in the summer, as beautiful weather leads people to make plans for a weekend of fun and athleticism. You can injure your elbow if you don’t condition correctly after a break. Elbow injuries are often caused by repetitive use in activities like:

·       Tennis

·       Golf

·       Baseball

·       Bowling

Once again, start slow and work your way up to a full day or weekend of playing hard. Otherwise, you can do permanent injury.

Other summer injuries

You should also keep an eye out for these problems:

·       Whiplash: Pain in the neck or back can be caused by an accident from contact sports or water skiing

·       Heat exhaustion: Stay hydrated, and don’t forget you are sweating out more than water

·       Sprains and strains: Always wear the right shoes for your activity to protect your ankles and feet

You and your family deserve a great, fun-filled summer. Stay safe out there! If you do suffer an injury, contact us for a consultation

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