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Regenerative and Supplemental Medicine Options for Knee Pain

Is your knee pain making it harder to live a full, rich life? Regenerative medicine can help treat knee pain independently or be used in tandem with surgical methods to give you back your mobility.

If you suffer from knee pain, you may think the only option is major knee surgery. While a full knee replacement may be one option, there are other treatments that can extend the useful lifespan of your current joint while minimizing pain. 

Platelet Rich Plasma

If you have osteoarthritis (OA) or a slow to heal injury that is causing knee pain, platelet rich plasma (PRP) may be able to help. Dr. Strasburger takes a sample of blood, then spins it in a centrifuge to isolate and concentrate the powerful platelets, which contain cells that can kickstart healing processes. 

The PRP is injected into your knee joint, where it can go to work regenerating healthy tissue at a cellular level. Since the PRP is 100% derived from your own blood, it’s also 100% biocompatible. With a one-time injection or a series of injections, joint inflammation can be significantly decreased as well as knee pain.


While PRP is a biological treatment, ioverao uses the power of cold to help you get rid of pain and can help you recover more quickly from surgery or an injury. Dr. Strasburger carefully identifies and targets the nerves that carry pain signals, and temporarily neutralizes them, “freezing away the pain” and providing relief as well as the ability to move around.

ioverao isn’t permanent, but lasts up to 90 days if properly administered. It can be hard to recover from joint injury that feels so painful it’s difficult to comply with physical rehab sessions. ioverao can relieve your pain and allow you to gently exercise.

Regenerative / Supplemental Medicine and Surgery

Both of these methods have been shown to reduce joint pain. If neither option gives you adequate relief, it might be time to talk about surgical options. For many people, minimally-invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery) can significantly improve their lives. For others, a full knee replacement with the NAVIO Surgical System could be the most advantageous option for all concerned. PRP and ioverao can be used in conjunction with surgical solutions to decrease pain and speed healing. 

Is your knee pain interfering with your life? Call our office today and ask for a knee pain consultation with Dr. Strasburger. He can help you determine the best treatment for your knee pain, and get you back on your feet again.