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Six Gifts Young Athletes will LOVE this Holiday Season


Gift shopping for an athletic teen? Today’s youth are driven, dedicated, and devoted to their athletics, so consider giving them a gift that recognizes their commitment. Here are six gifts to help them on their path to athletic excellence, no matter what sport they play.


  1. A stainless steel 32 oz. Hydro Flask Water Bottle features 18/8 TempShield insulation to keeps water cold for up to 24 hours or hot drinks warm for up to six hours. Hydro Flask equipped this water bottle model with a straw lid for easy hydration anytime, anywhere. It’s a great gift that carries the reminder to hydrate along with it for a young athlete on the go.
  2. Runners and cyclists will love this Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm that keeps friction to a minimum while avoiding clogging pores. Just glide on and go, from the bike to the track and back again. It’s clothing, footwear and swimwear safe, and can be used anywhere skin chafes skin or clothing rubs the body for maximum comfort indoors and out.
  3. These Dr. Cool Ice Therapy Wraps make it easy to complete a RICE order from the doctor without dealing with soggy bags of peas and dripping hand towels full of ice. This cold pack wraps easily around small or large joints to keep compression and cold where it’s needed most.
  4. A weighted vest adds variable resistance to any training program, without restricting movement or compromising technique. With equal weight distribution, flexible waterproof weights that move in synch with the athlete, and the ability to quickly convert into a sandbag for use across another range of workouts, the Weighted Vest Pro helps optimize training sessions.
  5. Teens love to listen to music while the work out, so a pair of Bose Wireless SoundSport Headphones could be the ideal gift. They are sweat and weather resistant, with 5 hours of play time per charge, and compatibility with a wide range of phones and other music devices.
  6. Has an athletic youth in your care suffered an injury? Dr. Strasburger recommends ARYSE braces, slings, and recovery systems to help young bodies recuperate fully and provide a path back to competitive sports.  

Any of the items on this list will make a great addition to a young athlete’s gear collection. Choose one or more and be a hero this holiday season!