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Staying Fit and Healthy During Social Distancing

Looking for ways to maintain wellness and activity during social distancing? Strasburger Orthopaedics is here to help with tips and recommendations for boosting your mind, body, and immune system.

Coronavirus is at the top of everyone’s minds. Your regular routine has likely been interrupted, and you’re seeking ways to fill your time and that of your family, while remaining fit and healthy.  Here are some things you can do to help:

Eat well

Now is a great time to experiment with healthy cooking, so dig around in your store of supplies and haul out some unusual ingredients. Kids are more likely to try new things if you let them help prepare the dish, so invite your children to get involved in the kitchen. Some family friendly ideas for cooking and eating together include:

Veggies, fruits, and dips

Need to use up produce before they spoil? Slice carrots, onions, bell peppers, eggplant, and more into sturdy strips. Cut cauliflower and broccoli into small florets, and roll spinach, lettuces, and other greens into tiny cylinders. 

Try mixing different things together to make interest dips, and put out bowls of seeds, chopped nuts, or cracker crumbs to double dip into. Add a big bowl of berries and cut up fruit, and enjoy mixing and matching different flavors. Use the leftover veggies on homemade pizza, and the fruits to top pancakes or French toast.


Exercise videos can be fun for the whole family. You can also make timed workout stations by taping off sections of your floor and labeling them. Set a timer and do as many sit-ups as you can in one minute, then run to the next station for push-ups, then the next for jumping jacks. 

Jump ropes, resistance bands, kettlebells and home gyms can also make for great adaptable workouts that can be matched to each person’s strength and flexibility levels. For very small children, a wiggle and dance session can easily be set up by putting on a fun kids music video.

Immune system

Wash your hands in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations. For adults, count off 20 seconds or say your favorite meditation as long as it’s 20 seconds or longer. Kids can sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star followed by the Teensy, Weensy, Spider.

Try not to touch your face more than necessary, and put bottles of hand sanitizer around your house. Tip: Repurpose small hand-soap pumps for sanitizer, and make one big bottle serve your whole house. Throw away used facial tissues instantly.

Stay hydrated. Cut up citrus fruits and float a slice in a water glass to make water special, and set up a sticker chart for the kids so they can meet their water drinking goals every day. Giving small kids a sippy cup while they watch a TV program can keep them from begging for snacks and help them drink enough.

Postpone non-essential care

If you had a doctor or dental visit planned for yourself or a family member, it’s best to put it off unless it was for essential care. Most healthcare providers are arranging prescription refills and other minor services over the phone or with telemedicine. 

Strasburger Orthopaedics is only providing essential care services, which does include PRP or iovera as a bridge for patients who are seeking pain relief or are awaiting surgery. Our office is following all CDC recommendations for safety. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (402) 466-0100 or

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