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Join us for the STRATUSFORM Launch Party on July 11

At an event upcoming on July 11, Dr. Scott Strasburger is excited to present STRATUSFORM – a revolutionary new positioning and scanning technology that enables doctors and trainers to create perfectly tailored, 3-D printed braces for orthopaedic patients and athletes.

Every patient’s body is different, but most joint braces on the market are severely limited in customizability. What if each patient needing to stabilize and support an injured or post-operative joint was able to receive a 100% customized brace that was 3-D printed to their exact specifications? 

Proper bracing after an injury or surgery can be crucial to recovery, which is why custom bracing is set to revolutionize joint treatment and recovery. The STRATUSFORM system includes all of the components required to allow 360 degree panoramic images to be taken of the patient’s body in weight bearing position. 

First is the pod, a platform on which the patient can stand safely. Light from below allows image capturing software to accurately map the patient’s weight bearing pattern. A cloud point 3-D image is constructed by data captured above and below the pod surface, and serves as an exact replica of the patient’s scanned anatomy.

The resulting images can then be used to create a custom 3-D printed brace that fits perfectly and provides exactly the right amount of support and stabilization required by the individual patient. Engineers can manipulate the brace to achieve the desired outcome for the patient, and then create it using the 3-D printer for rapid and precise production. 

Custom bracing is the future of orthopaedic treatment and post-surgical recovery. Join us on July 11, 2019, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Strasburger Orthopaedics in Lincoln, Nebraska for the STRATUSFORM launch party and learn more about this groundbreaking technology and its applications for orthopaedic patients and athletes.

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