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“After years of continuously spraining my ankle and experiencing increasing pain, I gathered all my various X-rays from different doctors and went to see Scott. I was amazed when he looked at a year old X-ray, immediately saw the bone spurs the other doctor missed and said he could fix it. Here I am three years later and I’ve ran two half marathons and am training for a third– pain free! Never thought that would’ve been possible. Oh, and I can wear cute shoes with heels again too! “ – Brandy J. 

“God has blessed Scott Strasburger, M.D. with the unique ability to fix things. He is a gifted man with uncommon skills in the art of reconstructive surgery. Dr. Strasburger has improved exponentially the lives of countless satisfied patients, including myself. He has an empathetic heart for healing, ethical beyond reproach, and Scott Strasburger will give you a second change at a healthy, quality lifestyle regardless of the situation or circumstance presently experienced. When you walk through his door, you can trust Dr. Strasburger. I would not allow for anyone from anywhere else to perform surgery on my shoulder but him.”  –  Jim L.

“In 2003 I had a traumatic fall and tore the entire rotator cuff away from the bone. I consulted with Dr. Stras and he performed surgery on my shoulder later stating “it was the worst tear in the smallest shoulder I’ve ever repaired”. I was told expected recovery time from the injury would be 6 to 8 months with the possibility of never regaining the full range of motion back in my shoulder. Well, just 4 months after surgery, I was back to teaching fitness classes and had full range of motion back. Over 10 years later, my repaired shoulder is still doing great!”  –  Vicki H
“Dr. Strasburger has seen a number of my family members and we have been very impressed. He has always recommended non-surgical options.”  – Tafe B
“My family has seen Dr. Strasburger for many years and he has always taken whatever amount of time necessary for us to fully understand our treatment, which I very much appreciate.”  –  Julie T

“My son, Jared tore his labrum of his right shoulder playing football his freshman year of high school. Dr. Strasburger repaired it. 4 months later, Jared tore the labrum of his left shoulder playing baseball. Same surgery different shoulder. Completely healed, Jared resumed playing baseball his sophomore year. Unfortunately, Jared tore a different section of his right labrum playing summer baseball after his sophomore year. Back to see Dr. Strasburger for a 3rd surgery. Most people and many doctors might find it crazy for us to let our son continue to play with his injury prone shoulders. If you knew our son, you would realize giving up sports was not an option. Baseball means the world to Jared and he is too young to give up on his dreams. Dr. Strasburger understands how Jared feels and he has taken the time to help Jared beyond surgery. I feel Dr. Strasburger and Jack want Jared to succeed on the baseball field as much as Jared does.” 
–  Jennifer N