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Tips to Help Prevent Marathon Injuries

Fall marathon season is almost here and that means watching out for common injuries. Whether you’re running your first marathon or you’re a pro, it’s important to keep proper alignment and technique in mind. Preventing injuries is the best way to make sure that you’re able to complete every race you sign up for.

Injuries can not only cause pain, but treatment can be expensive. Learning to prevent injuries is the best way to make sure that your body is in its optimal condition and you’re ready for marathon distance.

Wear the Right Shoes

Most runners have a favorite pair of shoes that they enjoy running in. However, making sure that you have the right footwear is more than just buying a new pair of shoes. Consider going to a specialty store and getting a pair of shoes fitted to your specific needs. Making sure that your feet have the support they need is essential when both training and running a marathon.

Exploring the technical side of running is fascinating, so consider getting a gait analysis. This will help you correct your form and make sure that your posture is correct. Because of the extremely long mileage of marathons, it’s essential that you make sure you have the proper form.

Know Your Limits

One of the best ways to prevent marathon injuries is to give yourself enough time to train. Pushing yourself too fast can lead to injury and potentially put you out for the season. Make sure that your training schedule has enough time built into it, so that you can gain both muscular and skeletal strength.

Being aware of your limits is one of the signs of a great athlete. Being able to push yourself is important, but you should never push yourself to the point of injury. Keeping this in mind will help you set reasonable expectations for yourself.

Don’t Forget to Cross Train!

If you’re running a marathon, then it’s probably safe to say that you enjoy the sport. While running long distances can be incredibly beneficial for training, it’s important to build in other forms of exercise to your routine. Making sure that you’re cross training is one of the best ways to prepare and get in the optimal shape that’s required for 26.2 miles.

Develop a Routine

Both warming up and cooling down are beneficial for muscle health. Taking adequate time to do these things and include dynamic stretching in your workouts is one of the best ways to prevent injuries.

Having a memorable routine is one of the best ways to signal to your body that it’s time to run. Developing this habit can not only be beneficial for your body, but also help you stay motivated.

Getting Ready for Race Day

Preparing for race day in both mental and physical ways can help you prevent injury. Making sure that you’re eating healthy, hydrating efficiently, and stretching fully are all great ways to support your body and prepare for the long distance.

Before you start racing, remind yourself that it’s better to slow down and be safe than run to the point of pain and injury. And if you have a running related ache or pain, contact our office today.

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