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Top Five Reasons To Choose Shoulder Surgery

Top Five Reasons To Choose Shoulder Surgery

Living with a shoulder injury can be painful, debilitating, and exhausting. Many people consider shoulder surgery a last resort, but that shouldn’t be the case. Contrary to popular belief, the earlier you get surgery, the better – having surgery can resolve the issue behind the pain, promote healing, and restore function. 

While Dr. Strasburger often recommends less invasive treatments or alternative therapies, there are cases in which immediate surgery is the best option.

Here are five reasons that may contribute to a decision to have shoulder surgery:

Prevent Further Damage

Surgery can fix problems before they become permanent and give you a better chance at full recovery. While some injuries can heal on their own over time with physical therapy and alternative treatments, some injuries (especially those originally caused over time, like repetitive use injuries) will continue to worsen.  

Restore Range of Motion

Surgery can give you back better use of your shoulder. When compared to people without surgery, those who received immediate help after a serious injury recovered more swiftly and more successfully.

Speed Recovery Time

Shoulder injuries can take a long time to heal. Surgery can speed up this process and help your body recover. This can help you return to your normal life faster than if you delay surgery.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Many people are tempted to work through an injury and wait for things to get better, but pain can affect all aspects of your daily life. Once you’ve gotten the shoulder surgery you need, you can begin recovering immediately, reducing pain in the long run.

Improve Chances of Full Recovery

While no treatment or surgery has a 100% success rate, getting the right kind of surgery early on can give you a better chance at a full recovery. Many careers are saved thanks to the timely surgeries athletes receive.  

For common shoulder injuries such as labral tears or bony growths, a sports medicine surgeon like Dr. Scott Strasburger can help you get the care you need. Discussing your surgical options can help you decide if going ahead and having surgery or waiting and trying alternative therapies is for you. If you do opt for shoulder surgery, ask Dr. Strasburger about minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery and additional therapies like PRP for faster healing and pain relief.