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Treat Yourself – and a Friend – With Love This Valentine’s Day

Plans up in the air for Valentine’s Day? Grab a friend and treat yourself to a little self-love: with a lunch date and a trip to Strasburger Clinic for a quick Botox® treatment. Getting Botox® using the buddy system is a rapidly growing trend, since – as with any aesthetic procedure – a support system is the best way to navigate treatment.

Why Take a Friend?

Although Botox® is a non-surgical treatment, many people are hesitant to go get aesthetic work done. Having a trusted friend along for the same procedure can let you feel more comfortable, and you can compare your experiences. You can also enjoy taking before and after pictures in the weeks following your treatments to track your progress.

Additionally, if you have any anxiety about the procedure, a friend there to hold your hand can make you feel better. Remind each other that Botox® treatments are one of the safest aesthetic procedures, with years of studies, research, and fine tuning behind them to ensure your safety and great results.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s all About Real Love

When you and your friends get Botox® treatment at the Strasburger Clinic, you are in the hands of trained professions with plenty of experience. You can book appointments back to back and get the rejuvenated, youthful look you each want. Lines and fine wrinkles can be filled and smoothed, and years taken off of your appearance.

After the treatment you’ll be ready to enjoy Valentine’s Day the way it was meant to be enjoyed – in the company of people who care about you and love you no matter what, whether that’s a romantic partner or a group of your besties ready to break out the ice cream and binge Netflix all night long on February 14th.