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Shoulder Impingement and Treatment Modalities

Dr. Scott Strasburger talks about Shoulder Impingement and treatment modalities 

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Iovera° Treatment: Before and After

Mary Jo arrived at our office in a wheelchair, with a pain level of “8” from osteoarthritis in her knee. After receiving the iovera° treatment in our office, she was able to walk down the hallway with “hardly any” pain at all before she left. That’s the power of iovera°. Learn more about how cryotherapy can work for patients with acute or chronic knee pain. (Mentions coronavirus)
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Pediatric Sports Medicine

Pediatric patients can affect developing bones and ligaments. Your young athlete needs a Sports Medicine specialist who can accurately diagnose and treat to prevent more serious issues down the road.
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What Causes Arthritis in the Knee?

What causes arthritis in the knee? Dr. Strasburger walks viewers through the root causes of arthritis in his latest video.
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Common Elbow Injuries

Did you recently injure your elbow, but aren’t sure how much damage was done? Dr. Strasburger covers common elbow injuries in his latest video.
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Why Arthroplasty?

Why choose arthroplasty? Dr. Strasburger explains the benefits of minimally invasive surgery in his latest video.