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Why NAVIO is the Future of Knee Replacement Surgery

The NAVIO Surgical System is a robotics-assisted knee surgery platform designed to provide an extra layer of pre-surgical planning, and deliver improved accuracy for total knee replacement procedures.

Every patient’s knee replacement surgery is unique, based on their knee anatomy and the surgeon’s approach as well as the type of implant used. For many patients, Dr. Strasburger can offer surgery with the aid of the NAVIO robotics assisted method.

This system allows for proper positioning of the implant, which is vitally important because implant alignment is a crucial factor in determining the lifetime of your implant before it might need to be replaced. For patients under 60 in particular, this can mean the difference between needing one implant or two implants in their lifetime. 

Early surgical techniques and procedures relied on manual guides, external pins and cutting jigs to remove damaged bone and place a prosthetic implant. Later, rods were drilled into the thigh bone to help improve implant positioning, and still more recently, CT scans allow doctors to get good images of the implant site and create the perfect surgical plan for each patient.

With the NAVIO Surgical System, a robotics-assisted platform is utilized that doesn’t need CT-scans for accurate implant sizing, or guiding rods for positioning. Dr. Strasburger uses NAVIO to create a highly individualized plan that is specific to the unique shape and motion of your knee joint. Since the NAVIO system works without CT technology, you are exposed to less of the typical radiation experienced with that type of imaging.

During your knee replacement surgery, NAVIO provides robotic assistance designed to help your surgeon accurately place your knee implant, resulting in a better chance of full mobility and a longer life for your implant due to highly accurate placement. Since total knee replacement consists of the entire knee joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant, accuracy in implant fabrication and placement is crucial to the shape, motion, and stability of your restored knee joint. 

To learn more about the NAVIO Surgical System or find out if it could be a welcome tool used during your own total knee replacement, call and ask for a consultation with Dr. Strasburger. You can also view a presentation Dr. Strasburger recently gave about NAVIO, and have many of your questions about this leading edge technology answered right away.